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Fazer Crisp Dark Rye 215g

Fazer Crisp Dark Rye 215g

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Fazer Crisp Dark Rye is a pure northern delicacy. Rye malt gives Fazer Crisp Dark Rye a dark colour and a sweet, refined taste. The crisps acquire a crunchy structure and intensive taste of rye during several hours of baking.

Fazer Crisp is Finnish delicacy with wonderful taste and crispy structure. Fazer Crisps are baked with 100% wholegrain and they are naturally rich in fibre. They also contain a lot of vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B and minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium which all in many different ways improve overall healthiness. Baking with sourdough is a unique and natural process lasting up to 20 hours. No additives are needed and the result is a genuine and intensive taste of rye. Sourdough baking also helps to break down stubborn starches, proteins, and phytates in the grains, which make it easier for the body to digest and allow you to absorb more of its nutrients.

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Fazer Crisp Dark Rye 215g

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Love these dark rye crisps and feel healthier eating them